Afternoon Tea Diaries: One Square Edinburgh

1 Festival Square, Edinburgh EH3 9SR, UK

Arbikie Picnic Afternoon Tea 

"Enjoy a summer picnic, whatever the weather!"

As I looked over the menu, and glanced out the window at the steady rainfall, this quote from their menu describing the afternoon tea theme, could not be any more appropriate. Along with the menus, we were given a lovely wooden box with glass jars containing a selection of Twinings loose leaf teas (pictured below).

Once my mum and I had both decided on our tea, a member of staff proceeded to wheel out a tea cart. We both opted to try the Moroccan Mint and Rose tea, as we had never tried anything like it. It was such a pleasure to watch her brewing the tea, using a vintage hot water urn. Along with the tea we were offered the option to add Kirsty’s Fizz or Bee’s Knee’s gin cocktail to our meal. Both cocktails are made using - you guessed it - Arbikie Gin! Arbikie Gin is produced in Scotland at Arbikie Highland Estate, a family-owned working farm on the east coast of Angus.
As we sipped away, we gazed down onto Festival Square and enjoyed the view of Edinburgh Castle in the distance. Soon after ordering the drinks, appetizers, displayed on spoons (pictured below), were delivered to our table.

After finishing the tasty appetizers, the second round arrive. Since the Arbikie afternoon tea's theme is based around the idea of a picnic, the assorted savouries came displayed in a quaint little picnic basket! I really appreciate details like this, so was delighted when I saw it being carried to the table. The picnic basket should have consisted of two of everything listed: Lemon & Asparagus Arancini, Green Tea Choux Bun with Dill Crab & Prawn Filling, Duck & Orange Pancake Parcel, and Red Pepper with Basil & Hummus Cheese Finger Sandwich.  However, as I don't eat meat, I'd asked whether it was possible for me to simply have extra Red Pepper with Basil & Hummus Cheese Finger Sandwiches - to which I was told it would be absolutely fine. When the food arrived, I noticed that a few different items in the basket and was informed that the chefs had whipped up a few different vegetarian treats for me. I was thrilled that they had gone out of their way to accommodate me! After chatting with the waitress, I found out that the One Square prides themselves on being able to accommodate everyone, so that anyone who wishes to have an afternoon tea can! (Tip: If you have an allergies or dietary requirements, and want to try One Square, be sure to make a booking and let them know a few days in advance - as they don't always have all the vegan or gluten free ingredients to hand, but are more than happy to order them in.)

By this stage, my mum and I were beginning to feel slightly full, but, when the next and final round arrived, we couldn't wait to try the selection of sweet treats! The cake stand's bottom plate was dedicated to three types of freshly-made scones: plain, blueberry and orange & lemon. The two upper plates were decorated with a selection of sweet treats including; Sachertorte, Orange Madeira Cake, Rose and Raspberry Filled Macarons, Lemon Curd Tartlet, Rhubard and Gin Bavarois, Juniper Infused Honey Caramel Slice, Cucumber Turkish Delight and Coffee & Cardamom Fudge! I know what you must be thinking, did they really manage to finish all that? The answer is no - but we had the option to take it home with us, which of course we did! Anyway back to the review, we both couldn't fault any of the sweet treats, but, I would have to award the Cucumber Turkish Delight for being the most innovative and intriguing sweet on the cake stand. Also, my mum was especially impressed by the quality of their homemade scones.

Top Tier: Rose and Raspberry Filled Macarons (with the option to inject gin into them), Lemon Curd Tartlet, Sachertorte, Cucumber Turkish Delight
Rhubard and Gin Bavarois, Juniper Infused Honey Caramel Slice, Coffee & Cardamom Fudge, Orange Madeira Cake
Plain, Blueberry and Orange & Lemon Scones; served with Apple, Vanilla & Clove Jam and Clotted Cream


For over four years, One Square has been a firm favourite of mine. In fact, it's become an annual tradition for my mum and I to visit it at least once a year together! One of the main reasons I keep returning is that I like how their afternoon tea theme changes with every season - and The Arbikie Picnic did not disappoint. I would highly recommend One Square to anyone who was looking for a classy, high quality and creative afternoon tea in Edinburgh! 

For more information or to book a table at One Square, click here.

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