My Favourite Scottish Words

Scotland, UK

Well, as you may or may not know, I'm half Scottish and have spent most of my life here in bonnie Scotland. There's many things I love about Scotland (perhaps an idea for another blog post), but I think one of the most endearing qualities I've found are their slang words. I often find myself opting for a Scottish word simply because it is more emotive and descriptive, so I decided it might be a fun idea to list five of my favourite Scottish words! So without further ado and in no particular order let's begin.

Top Five Favourite Scottish Words:

  • Baffies

English meaning: House Slippers
Why I love it: I hate to overuse the word cute but doesn't it just sound so cute! Ever since I first visited Scotland and heard the word, I've been rather fond of it! Even though I said this list was in no particular order, Baffies is probably my favourite word.
  • Dreich

English meaning: Dull/Dreary weather
Why I love it: I think it's very fitting that our Scottish weather (we often have four seasons in one day) should have it's own descriptive word! And for those of you out there who have experienced Scotland's dreich weather you'll know exactly what I mean, and won't want to go back to using words like dull or dreary.
  • Courie

English meaning: Snuggle/Nestle
Why I love it: This word will forever remind me of my mum, it's her favourite word! Basically, it means snuggle but to better understand this word I think it's helpful to imagine a picture. The wind is howling, rain battering off the windows and you're "couried" under the covers in bed. You can also courie into someone for a good hug!
  • Peely-Wally 

English meaning: To look pale and sickly
Why I love it: In all honesty, it's a word I probably fell in love with simply because of how funny it sounds, but, after using it several times (like many other words on this list) it conjures up such a descriptive picture that I find it very practical!
  • Jammies

English meaning: Pajamas
Why I love it: Probably the easiest word on the list to guess its English meaning, but, I just had to add it as its probably my most used Scottish word! I remember, in the summer months, my gran would always accuse me of "looking like you're wearing your jammies" whenever I was wearing my patterned floaty trousers (which was quite often as I went through a floaty trouser faze!).

So, that's all for now, hope you've enjoyed my list! Please do leave a comment if you have a favourite Scottish word, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Hi Shawna! I love words as well, I use "Jammie's" too!! I love reading your blog. My family and I will be visiting Edinburgh in a couple of months. My son is studying there at the university. I have forwarded your Insta account and videos so that he can take the recommendations and do some sightseeing. Thanks for the beautiful picures!!
    A fan from Texas, Silvia.

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  3. I follow Scots Magazine on Instagram mainly for their fun Scottish words. I love your Top 5! Dreich is probably my favorite. Since I adore the mood you establish in your YouTube videos, I'm definitely appreciating dreich.


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