My Perfect Day in Edinburgh (February 2018)

Edinburgh, UK

I doubt it's just me who feels this way, but, the older I get the more quickly time seems to fly by - I could seriously use a pause button every now and then! Anyway, February is here and that means it's time for my monthly blog post about how I would spend my perfect day in Edinburgh! Last month, I spent the day in New Town so to change things up my entire day will be spent in Edinburgh's Old Town.

If you missed how I would spend my Perfect Day in Edinburgh (January) and you're interested click here to read it. 

My Perfect Day in Edinburgh (February)

  • Brunch at Hula Juice Bar

- Hula Juice Bar (103-105 W Bow)
It's usually around this time of the year that I start to crave summer! Don't get me wrong, I love the winter months and bundling up in wholly jumpers and cosy coats, but, as it's been fairly chilly recently I've had the notion to visit Hula Juice Bar. Despite rain or shine, there's something very cheery about Hula and it's incredibly Instagrammable.

- Gladstone's Land (477B Lawnmarket)
As I mentioned in my Edinburgh Bucket List blog post, I've wanted to visit Gladstone's Land for ages! I even tried to pop in one day in January. However, typically, I opted to visit on a Friday and guess what? They are closed for tours on Friday - just Friday! So, I've made it my goal to visit this month. I shall keep you posted on how it goes.

  • Time for a Cuppa at Lovecrumbs

- Lovecrumbs (155 West Port)
Whenever I'm out with friends, it's almost guaranteed that I'm the one who suggests popping into a coffee shop for a cuppa. I like to blame the frigid temperatures, but to be honest there's just something very comforting about a coffee shop - despite the fact I actually don't drink coffee! There are several lovely places to have a cuppa in Edinburgh's Old Town but I've decided to visit Lovecrumbs - who are well-known for their cakes. Lovecrumbs holds bundles of sentimental value to me as I used to live nearby and have spent many lovely catch ups there with friends over the years. Plus I love their tea, which is supplied by Anteaques, and their floral cakes are divine!

  • Pop into Herman Brown & Edinburgh Books for a spot of shopping

- Herman Brown (151 West Port)
I love secondhand clothes shopping. The great thing about having a cuppa at Lovecrumbs is that Herman Brown is pretty much next door and it gives me a great excuse to pop in. Unfortunately, they have a no photos policy within their shop so I can't include a photo. But I'm sure if you enjoy vintage shopping you'll like the light and bright shop. Their clothes and accessories are neatly displayed and the prices are reasonable too!

- Edinburgh Books (145-147 West Port)
A few doors down from Herman Brown is Edinburgh Books (Edinburgh's largest secondhand bookshop). The shop is a labyrinth of secondhand books ranging in different genres. They also have adorable postcards near the till - I picked up a selection of Jane Austen postcards last time I was in! 

  • Visit the Vennel

Lastly, anytime I'm in the vicinity of the Grassmarket, I can't help but climb up the steps at the Vennel to enjoy my favourite view of Edinburgh Castle - I even had my graduation photo taken here! To get here, head to the Grassmarket and look for a fairly step set of stairs between Mary's Milk Bar (who serves delicious ice cream) and Kick Ass Hostels. I think the view is just so quintessentially Edinburgh, complete with old fashioned street lamps! Well worth a visit.

That's all for this month! Thanks for reading and see you next month for my March edition.

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