My Favourite Women-Led Edinburgh Businesses!

Edinburgh, UK

Happy International Women's Day! Despite the fact that the day has been celebrated for over 100 years, I have to admit, this is the first year I've given it some serious thought and how in my small way I could take part. I've decided I'd like to shine a light on a few women-led independent businesses that I truly love and admire. Let's Begin!

1. Life Story


I'm sure anyone who knows me, knows how fond I am of this business and how much I admire its owner Susan! I first came across the business through Instagram and made a point of visiting as soon as possible. There's a wonderfully tranquil and bright atmosphere about the store, which always has me walking away feel much calmer. One of my favourite things about the store is the tiny cafe at the back, my go-to order is an almond milk Matcha Latte and one of their sweet treats. Often, while I wait for my Matcha Latte, I'll wander around the store admiring the products and having a chat with Susan.
Susan also runs Hula Juice Bar, in the Grassmarket, and if you feel the gloomy Scottish weather is getting too much for you, pop in to enjoy the tropical and cheery vibes.


2. Studio Emma

Photo Credit: Studio Emma
Emma is an amazingly talented Edinburgh-based artist who creates stunning pieces from recycled materials - mainly concrete. I first came across the business when I was creating an Edinburgh Independent Gift Guide for work (click here to read it). I've been meaning to buy something from her shop ever since, and my pathetic excuse for not getting around to it was I couldn't decide which one of her beautiful pieces to buy. But, today I thought enough was enough and I purchased the gorgeous "Desert Sky Vessel" from her Etsy shop and I'm extremely excited to receive it!


3. Dickins Edinburgh

Photo Credit: Dickins Edinburgh
How could I not include this fabulous business? Not only do I proudly work for Dickins but I also truly admire the business. Louise, the Managing Director of Dickins, has successfully managed Dickins for almost 20 years and personally, I think she's also created an amazing working environment! Having seen the quality of the flats they manage first-hand I can vouch for their high standards! Also, despite other booking companies allowing customers to book online, Dickins chooses to maintain the human interaction when dealing with customers - which I think is pretty great.


4. The Pastry Section 

Where do I begin, basically, if you haven't visited the Pastry Section yet get yourself there as soon as possible! The Pastry Section may have been open for less than a year, but it's quickly become a favourite with locals and I can see why. I absolutely adore this little pastry shop, there's always a mouthwatering range of sweet treats and as a tea drinker, I can confirm they serve up a quality cuppa! Despite never having met the owner (hopefully, one day!), I found out via Instagram that her name is Lesley and she was once a nurse but decided to open this wonderful little gem - and I'm so glad she did.


5. Helen C. Stark 

Photo Credit: Helen C Stark
I met the lovely and super talented Helen through Instagram - thanks, Instagram! Helen has a gorgeous Instagram feed and she always inspires me to get out my journal and start doodling. If you haven't heard of her Colouring Edinburgh book, do check it out, as it's one of the most beautiful colouring books I've come across. She also runs various illustration and lettering workshops, so keep an eye out on her website for details.

6. Pumpkin Brown

Last, but certainly not least, Punkin Brown! I first heard of Pumpkin Brown through a friend who had the pop-up coffee shop Obadiah Coffee, as Pumpkin Brown were moving into the same space. Pumpkin Brown's owner Amanda is passionate about the health benefits of eating well and wanted to create a place in Edinburgh to provide delicious yet healthy food, and I think she has succeeded! 


That's all for now! Take care and have a blessed week.

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