Where I ate in Edinburgh (August 2018)

Edinburgh, UK

Hello! I thought it'd be fun to start a series documenting my Edinburgh food explorations - both as a way to document my memories and as a (hopefully) useful resource for those looking for somewhere new to eat. So, if you're curious, here's where I ate in Edinburgh - August 2018! Let's begin!

1. Strumpets / 35 William St

I started the month of August the best way possible, with a visit to my favourite coffee shop Strumpets. I had just returned from my trip to the Big Apple and caught up with a close friend of mine over tea, coffee, cake, and quiche. Yes, an unusual mix I know! If you haven't been to Strumpets yet I'd highly recommend popping in for a cuppa (perhaps bring a book with you, it's such a cosy quiet spot).

2. Rosevear Tea / 17 Clerk Street

I've been excitedly waiting for Rosevear Tea's new Clerk Street store to open! Those of you who are familiar with Anteaques Tea, may be surprised to hear that Rosevear Tea's third shop has replaced the store. But, not to worry, Rosevear Tea are still stocking their tea. I popped in with a close friend of mine to check out the store and enjoy a cuppa. One of the lovely owners, Isabelle, mentioned they had fresh scones which come with clotted cream and the choice of rose or violet homemade jam - I like to think it would have been rude to decline! I have to say the rose and violet jam were utterly amazing, tea was perfect, and the whole shop has a lovely calming vibe.

3. Thrive / 171 Bruntsfield Place

Thrive is a new vegetarian/vegan restaurant located in Bruntsfield. I was fortunate enough to receive a kind invitation to enjoy a complimentary lunch and excitedly accepted! I enjoyed their hearty and very healthy rainbow bowl (roasted sweet tatties, avocado, braised red cabbage, salsa, and wild rice) and my friend had their black bean & quinoa burger. We also were intrigued by their hot carrot juice (which was actually a cold juice with a hot kick to it). We absolutely loved their decor too!

4. @Pizza / 4 Charlotte Lane

Whenever I'm in the West End (which isn't as often as I would like), I pop into @pizza. On this particular occasion, I was heading to Edinburgh Zoo and wanted to enjoy a quick lunch. I always go for their sourdough base with pesto sauce, mozzarella, sweetcorn, basil, finished with sun-dried tomatoes and Caesar dressing. The best bit is their pizzas are ready in 90 seconds!

5. Century General Store & Cafe / Montrose House

Don't you love it when cafes and restaurants are lovely enough to go out of their way to make your visit extra special? Me too! I met a friend for brunch at Century General Store and we both really fancied their croissants but unfortunately they were not vegetarian. We were more than happy to order something else (I had my eye on a rather scrumptious looking cheese scone) but the chef assured us he was happy to whip up a delicious roast veg with avocado and cheese croissant for the both of us. It was delicious. Sorry I didn't get a snap of it, total rookie mistake!

6. No1 The Grange / 1 Grange Road

Last, but not least, I went on a rather charming walk through the Hermitage with my lovely friend and her adorable French Bulldog. We started our walk with a coffee and a hot chocolate (those who know me will know which one I had) from the Hermitage cafe then meandered through the forest making friends with dogs and their owners as we went. We were slightly peckish after our walk so Colette suggested we head to No1 The Grange as they had delicious food and were dog-friendly! It did not disappoint.

See you in September!

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