The Best Places for Vegetarian Food in Edinburgh!

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Hello everyone! I don't know why it has never occurred to me to write this sooner but I was finally prompted by a lovely message asking "Where would I recommend to go for vegetarian food in Edinburgh?". Edinburgh is blessed with a wide range of vibrant cafes/restaurants so you'll be spoilt for choice! To help narrow your choice down, I've listed a few of my favourite vegetarian-friendly places below.

Side note: As I live in the Old Town, quite a few places I've selected are in that area but please do add your favourites to the comments below!

The Best Places for Vegetarian Food in Edinburgh!

For breakfast... Brochan / 24 Marchmont Crescent

I recently visited Brochan for the first time and really liked it. What better way to start a rather drizzly, cold morning than a bowl of hearty porridge. There are a range of flavours to choose from as well as seasonal specials. I opted for their blueberry pumpkin seed (£6.50) with a matcha latte and my friend had one of their specials with a turmeric latte. We both loved it and felt super full after!

For brunch... Press Coffee / 30 Buccleuch Street

I have to admit, I haven't been to Press Coffee in a little while - so I really hope they haven't changed their menu but if they haven't I highly recommend trying their amazing potato and Jarlsberg hash, asparagus, poached eggs with beetroot chutney! Honestly, it's so scrummy!

An Edinburgh vegetarian institution... Hendersons / Various Locations

I couldn't write a vegetarian guide to Edinburgh without including the Edinburgh institution Hendersons. Hendersons is the UK’s longest running vegetarian restaurant (established in 1962) and has various locations dotted around Edinburgh. I visited for a light lunch several years ago, but I really need to rectify this and go back soon!

For food on-the-go... Tupiniquim / Green Police Box at the top of Middle Meadow Walk

I used to live just down the road from Tupiniquim and would often stop by for lunch. I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly drooling at the thought of their scrumptious crepes as I write this. They serve a range of gluten-free Brazillian crepes both sweet and savoury. Not all their crepes are vegetarian but there are a few great options, a personal favourite of mine is their Marguerita Tata (without goats cheese - as I'm not a fan). There are also vegan options. If I'm not wrong their crepes are roughly £5 or £6.

For a cheap and cheerful meal... Nile Valley Cafe / 6 Chapel Street

I used to visit Nile Valley very often when I was at university as it was relatively cheap, healthy, and very filling lunch option. Nile Valley specialises in delicious wraps with a range of fillings - which you can personalise. My personal favourite is their Africa wrap (roughly £4). Just be aware that it can get very busy at lunchtime during term time so I'd get there before 12 if you don't want to wait too long.

For really good pub food... The Roseleaf / 23-24 Sandport Place

Every time I'm down in Leith during lunchtime, I try to visit the Roseleaf as I absolutely love their food! The pub itself is so quirky and fun (check out the photo below!). As I don't get a chance to visit too often, I'm guilty of always ordering the same thing, their Skip-to-the-Beet wrap with homemade chips and a salad. But in my defence, it's just so good!

For colder days... Union of Genius / 8 Forrest Road

If it's a slightly colder day or you're a huge soup fan, Union of Genius is the place to visit! It's Scotland's first soup cafe. Their menu changes daily with 6 soups, 2 salads and vegan chilli in their cafe, and 4 soups plus two chillis in their van (lovingly named Dumbo, which can be found at George Square). Their cafe is fairly small so I would advise getting there early to avoid the busy lunch rush.

For vegan & gluten-free food... Pumpkin Brown / 16 Grassmarket

I have to admit I've only ever been to Pumpkin Brown for cake (which is divine) and a cuppa but friends who have been for brunch/lunch have raved about it too. There's a strong focus on good quality plant-based ingredients and creative dishes. The best bit is everything in the cafe is vegan and gluten-free!

For pizza... Civerinos, Dough, and @Pizza / Various Locations

I love pizza. Hence, why I couldn't settle on one place to include! You can't go wrong with whichever of the three restaurants you decide to visit. When I think of Civerinos, I think of street food with a twist. Dough always reminds me of traditional delicious Italian pizza, and @Pizza is a modern take on pizza, where you can design your own pizza and have it ready in 90 seconds!

For dinner... David Bann / Various Locations

I don't often eat out for dinner so it took me a while to decide where to include, but I finally settled on David Bann. I remember I enjoyed a lovely meal with a friend of mine a while ago. David Bann is a fully vegetarian restaurant. Despite being a vegetarian restaurant, I've heard many a good review from non-vegetarians too! If you're curious what kind of food to expect, the restaurant is inspired by dishes from around the world. I think I had a Thai-inspired dish when I visited.

Other recommendations...

There are also plenty of places I haven't had a chance to visit yet but hear great things about or I haven't included above, so I've included a list below! 

That's all for now! Thanks for reading, if I've missed out your favourite vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly cafe in Edinburgh do drop me a message in the comments below! 


  1. So many yummy choices ! This guide is definitely going to be useful I can’t wait to check out all those places :) Thank you for taking my request and including budget friendly choices !


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