A Weekend in the Scottish Highlands - Day Two

Highland, UK

Hello! If you read my last blog post or follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I recently went to the Scottish Highlands for the first time! I shared day one of my magical weekend in the Scottish Highlands here, and now here's how we spent "A Weekend in the Scottish Highlands - Day Two".

As we didn't have so far to travel as the day before, we enjoyed a fairly leisurely morning. Once Sally had her morning walk and we indulged in a hearty breakfast, off we drove to Killin. It felt extra special to me as this was a place my Di (grandfather) and gran would visit together.

Claire and her dad John were keen to show me the Falls of Dochart and since the weather was so lovely we had a seat on the rocks by the river. We spent a good thirty to forty minutes taking photos, people watching and generally enjoying our surroundings.

Our next stop was to pick up some sandwiches and snacks from the local shop for lunch before heading to a patch of land next to River Lochay so Sally could enjoy another walk. All was going well up until we were down by the river and somewhere in the distance someone was began shooting. Poor Sally became very distressed as she's not a fan of loud noises so hurriedly made our way back to the car. She was pretty shaken up but once we were in the car she began to calm down.

We headed back to Lochearnhead and on toward Drummond Castle. The weather was so beautiful that as we were driving past Loch Earn we decided to pull over and have a picnic down by the water. I honestly can't think of a nicer setting to have lunch than looking out across a loch on a sunny day. Also, I was very thankful to my friend Rosie who suggested I bring a flask with me this weekend (I purchased on just before I left Edinburgh and it hasn't left my side since).

As the clocks had just shifted early that morning, we were very aware that it would be getting dark earlier so after lunch we hopped back in the car and drove to Crieff. A few weeks before, I had seen the stunning Drummond Castle on Claire's Instagram (@scotlandwithfluffywolf). Since it was about to close for the season, Claire very kindly suggested that we should visit!

As we turned into the grounds, a (what appeared to be endless) road lay before us. It's clearly a popular photography spot as there was a group of visitors posing with the road as a backdrop while their friend lay on the road taking their photos.

As the name suggests, Drummond Castle is, in fact, a castle but the interesting part is there's the old, original building as well as a "newer" mansion house. The incredible part is a family still stays in the house - imagine waking up to those views every day! As impressive as the buildings are the castle is known for its gardens, described by Historic Scotland as "the best example of formal terraced gardens in Scotland". It also appeared in Outlander pretending to be Versailles!

Well, that brings my magical Weekend in the Scottish Highlands to a close. If you've been thinking of visiting for some time, I would highly recommend going for it! I had such a wonderful time and hope to visit again soon and hopefully visit some of Scotland's islands too.

Bye for now x

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