Where I ate in Edinburgh (January 2019)

Edinburgh, UK

I can hardly believe that January has been and gone! The first month brought a flutter of snow, slightly longer days, and a calmness in Edinburgh now that Christmas markets and Hogmanay have passed. Personally, it's been a fairly busy start to the year, a few exciting projects brought me to London and York, and we had to move out our flat for two weeks due to renovations. So, I haven't actually been in Edinburgh too much this month, however, I have still managed to squeeze in a few trips to cafes/restaurants this month. So, without further ado, here's where I ate in Edinburgh (January 2019).

1. Hyde & Son / 127 George Street

Located on the west end of George Street, Hyde & Son is technically a part of Eden Locke hotel's reception but you'd never guess it if you just wandered in off the street. Aesthetic was clearly a priority when designing the space, and while it might not be to everyone's preference, I personally love the space. I find it a very calming and relaxing spot to enjoy a bite to eat or a cuppa.

2. The Principal Charlotte Square "The Garden" / 38 Charlotte Square

Almost directly across the road you'll find another hotel with a gorgeous cafe. At the heart of The Principal Charlotte Square you'll find a plant lovers' dream. Thanks to the glass ceiling, the enclosed courtyard always feels bright (even on the dreariest of days) and the abundance in plants brings the space to life. I met one of my close friends for a cuppa and we sat for ages just chatting. Another great thing about the cafe is the number of seats, so you never feel like you're being chased out.

3. Fortuna Coffee Bar / 77 Queen Street

I love trying new places, so when I met up with my friend Claire and Sally (@Scotlandwithfluffywolf) and she mentioned a new dog-friendly cafe, I couldn't wait to try it! Fortuna is located on the west end of Queen Street and is a bright and cheery spot for a bite to eat. Note: Their cheesecake brownie was delicious!

4. Soderberg / 27 Simpson Loan

Ever since I tried my first Soderberg cinnamon bun in December, I've been craving another one. So, when I was meeting up with a few friends, I quickly suggested we meet in Soderberg! It did not disappoint, and even as I'm writing this, I'm tempted to pop out for another one.

5. Ransacked Black Oven / 27-29 Marshall Street

I've walked past Ransacked Black Oven many times and curiosity would build every time I'd pass it. It took a very chilly day and hunger for my friend and I to finally venture in and I'm so sad it's taken me this long to discover what a great place it is! It has amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, plus it would also be a lovely spot for a cuppa. We both had one of their veggie wraps (the fact I don't have a photo shows a) how hungry I was and b) how good it was!). Would highly recommend if you haven't been!

6. Machina Espresso / 80 Nicholson Street

As I mentioned, it was very chilly day so our planned wander, turned into going from Ransacked Black Oven to Machina Espresso! We were fortunate enough to get their window seat and we both opted for their warm apple and cinnamon drink - bliss!

That's all for now, see you next month!

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  1. I love your blog! My boyfriend and I are visiting Edinburgh for the first time this sunday and I can't be more excited! It's nice to get some insider tips from a local, we're from The Netherlands!
    xo Danielle
    Ps. I'm sure you'll love Amsterdam as well! ;)


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