A Visit to the Secret Herb Garden in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, UK

I have a short but sweet blog post to share with you today. If you follow me on Instagram you may have spotted that I was very excited to cross the Secret Herb Garden off my Edinburgh bucket list recently! It's somewhere I've been meaning to visit for years and since I was moving out of my flat, my flatmate and I decided it would be fun to celebrate our time living together with a visit. I can safely say it didn't disappoint. The Secret Herb Garden consists of a lovely café (where you can enjoy lunch or tea and cake amongst the plants in the glasshouse), a vintage shop, a gin distillery, and plenty of plants. What's not to like?

How to get there by public transport:

My kind friend kindly drove us when we visited but it's fairly easy to get there by bus too. There are regular buses from the city centre (such as the Lothian 15, 4, or any buses which takes you to Ikea) then it's roughly a 15-minute walk to the Secret Herb Garden.

A few highlights from our visit:

  • The Glasshouse  
The glasshouse was a definite highlight for us. As you enter it, a path leads you around a maze-like trail, guiding you past familiar scents of oregano and thyme. Depending on what time of year you visit, you may spot grapes hanging from the ceiling or pears and peaches hanging from the trees. The heart of their cafe is towards the back of the glasshouse, but as you follow the path it'll bring you to charming, hidden tables dotted around the glasshouse.
  • The Surrounding Gardens
As you leave behind the glasshouse, you enter their tranquil garden divided into several sections. We ended up walking in a giant loop by following a path which leads you down to visit their resident pigs and bees, through a patch of herbs grown for their Old Curiosity Gin, and back toward the glasshouses through an array of various flowers. A must-visit in spring or early summer!
  • Vintage Taxis
A few people had mentioned to me to keep an eye out for the Secret Herb Garden's vintage taxis and they're just as charming as they sound. As you leave behind the glasshouse, you'll spot the two vintage taxis hidden amongst various wildflowers.

A few photos from our visit to give you a feel for the place:


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