A New Discovery: Rosevear Tea

Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3RJ, UK
There are few things that I enjoy more than having a good wander and discovering something new. So as I was walking down Broughton Street last Friday and spotted a sign for a shop called Rosevear Tea, I couldn't help but pop in for a browse.

Almost as soon as I was through the door I was greeted by a friendly face (I later found out it was Mr Rosevear himself), who offered me a sample of their vanilla green tea, which I gladly accepted. To my delight, I saw that the shop's walls were covered with shelves holding various types of teas and glass jars full of samples to smell. There were even small pieces of paper pinned near certain teas with notes left by customers explaining why that particular tea was their favourite - which I thought was a lovely idea! 

Since I wasn't in the market to buy a specific tea, I asked Mr Rosevear what he would recommend. He explained it was hard for him to choose only a few favourites, as he had hand picked all the tea in the shop. However, he named a few he thought I'd like, and their herbal Honeybush tea sounded interesting to me. As I had spotted two tables and chairs in the store, I asked whether their store operated as a cafe too, and if so, could I try a pot of their Honeybush tea. This was possible, so I made myself comfortable at one of their tables.

As I sat there enjoying my tea, I started chatting to Mr Rosevear and Michael (one of their employees) and found out a few bits and pieces about Rosevear Tea - such as they have another store in Bruntsfield and they had been in business for two years. Conversations soon shifted to photography, Edinburgh, and bookshops, and as clich├ęd as it might sound, I walked out of Rosevear Tea feeling refreshed. I'd had a slight headache before I entered the shop but all that good tea and company must have cured it!

Bye for now!

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