A Festive Afternoon Spent in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh is a magical city all year round, but, there is something extra special when the Dome's decorations go up, Christmas markets appear in Princes Street Gardens, and when wreaths appear on large New Town doors. Don't get me wrong, I get irritated with the crowded streets and shops as much as the next person, but I have to admit I do miss it all when January rolls around. 

This will be my first year in four years that I won't be living in the city during December, which feels rather odd. I no longer have the luxury of waking up early and wandering around the city before the hoards of people descend. So, when I do visit, I try to make the very most of my time. 

It's the 11th of December, and I'm sitting on a rather chilly train heading into the city to meet with a friend. Isn't it marvellous to have friends with the same interests as yourself? I think so. My friend and I have no other plans than to catch up over lunch, then wander somewhat aimlessly around the city observing and snapping any Christmas decorations we spot. We start with lunch at The Edinburgh Larder, where we both enjoy a bowl of soup, then we meander up the Royal Mile. As we walk, we comment on what Christmas decorations have changed from last year to this year, and what we think of them. 

The first noteworthy Christmas decoration we stumble across is at the Witchery. Hidden within Boswell's Court, stood a cheery little Christmas Tree adorned with golden twinkly lights and ivy decorated with red berries. 

Next, we made our way down to Princes Street Gardens to explore the European Market. I'm sure it expands every year! It now covers four levels of the Gardens and part of the Mound. Thankfully, it's a Tuesday and it's relatively quiet. As we walk past certain stalls the smell of orange and cinnamon waft toward us.

By this point, we are both feeling the cold and mutually gravitated toward Wellington Coffee on George Street for a warm cuppa and a good natter. Other than the mad dash for my train home, that pretty much sums up a lovely December afternoon spent in Edinburgh!

Bye for now!

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