My Perfect Day in Edinburgh (January 2018)

Now that I no longer stay in Edinburgh, when I do visit I try to plan out roughly what I'd like to do that day. That gave me an idea, I think it might be fun to start a series documenting how I would spend my perfect day in Edinburgh (depending on the season). So, each month of the year I hope to publish a blog post somewhat specific to that month.

My Perfect Day in Edinburgh (January 2018)

There is so much build up to Christmas and Hogmanay that by the time January rolls around, Edinburgh seems slightly dull. Christmas decorations have vanished and the city is looking rather bare. Not to mention that January and February are usually the coldest months in Scotland. I admit I have painted a rather bleak picture, but, there are some perks to being in Edinburgh during January. For one thing, it's quiet. The hoards of tourists that invaded the capital during December have hopped off home and the city is once again wonderfully quiet. Let's get started!
  • A walk up Calton Hill and Nelson Monument

It's been quite some time since I visited Calton Hill and since one of my Edinburgh 2018 Buck List activities is to climb the Nelson Monument, it the perfect way to start off my day. Update: I found out it costs £5 to climb Nelson Monument and the views are spectacular, but, I've learned from experience to choose a less windy day to climb it. There's also a lovely little museum at the bottom, where you can learn about the history of the building.

  • Lunch and a Treat

I had planned to head down to Stockbridge and visit my favourite French patisserie, Patisserie Madeleine, unfortunately, I recently discovered they have closed - much to my disappointment! Anyway, there are lots of other lovely places to eat in Stockbridge and I've opted for a wonderful little cafe called Cowan & Sons (which was once called Maxi's). It's recently undergone a refurbishment and it's shop front has been transformed to its former glory.

Since January is my birthday month, after I have finished lunch at Cowan & Sons, I would be very tempted to pop across the road and treat myself to a sweet treat at The Pastry Section. They have an extensive range to choose from, but my personal favourite is their Sweet Tart - every time I visit they have a different flavour! 

  • A massage at The Method

I have never had a professional massage before, but to my delight, my lovely boss Louise gifted all of us a treatment/massage at The Method for Christmas Ever since I've been very excited to use it! I figured since my birthday wasn't that long after Christmas I would wait till then and enjoy an hour of pampering. The Method is also located in Stockbridge and I will keep you posted on how my massage goes!

  • Visit the Golden Hare

Those who know me, know that I have recently become quite the bookworm, and given an opportunity I'll happily disappear into a bookshop for a browse. There are several fabulous independent bookshops dotted around Edinburgh and this month I fancy visiting one of my favourites - Golden Hare Books. Located on Stockbridge's St Stephens Street - which is quickly becoming the place to shop independent - Golden Hare Books' interior reminds me of a beautiful art gallery, with each book as a piece of art. The cherry on the cake is that the shop has a real fire.

  • Dinner at La Locanda 

La Locanda is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Edinburgh. Although, I must admit every time I dine there I have their vegetarian lasagna so I can't vouch for any of their other food, but, my friends seem to enjoy their meals too. I actually intend to have my small birthday dinner there next week!

Bye for now!

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