One of North Berwick's Most Beautiful Beaches - Seacliff Beach

North Berwick EH39 5PP, UK

Well, it's been awhile! The month of June has flown past in a blur, but I wanted to take a breif moment to share with you (and document for myself) a lovely evening! Instagram definitely has it's pros and cons but personally one of the huge pros for me is getting the chance to meet wonderful people that you would otherwise have never met! That's the case with @ScotlandwithFluffyWolf's (some of you may think of her as @BabyDirewolf) owner Claire. Claire and I became friends through Instagram and we try to catch up every now and then. Well, on Monday I hopped on a bus after work and headed out to Claire's family home as her family very kindly invited me for dinner. After a fantastic homemade dinner and good natter, we all headed down to Seacliff Beach - which I'd heard great things about but had never had the opportunity to visit.

For those of you who haven't heard Seacliff beach, it's a hidden gem tucked away in East Lothian five miles east of North Berwick and immediately to the south east of Tantallon Castle. As well as boasting marvellous views of the Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle, it is also home to the tiny sandstone harbour thought to be the smallest in the UK!


After doing a little research about the beach, I've found out that it was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's story named 'The Wreckers'. Stevenson was related to John Robert Dale (who's family still own the beach) and spent several boyhood holidays at Scoughall. It was there that young Stevenson first heard the story of ships being lured onto the rocks during stormy nights by displaying misleading lantern lights.

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