A Fun Afternoon at Gorgie City Farm!

51 Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2LA, UK

I love animals! It's actually the main reason I became a vegetarian. So, after hearing through the grapevine (aka Instagram) that Gorgie City Farm had lambs, I was very keen to visit as soon as possible. On the next sunny day, my friend James and I decided we would meet up and have lunch then pay Edinburgh's only city farm a visit! We both hadn't been in quite a while so we were excited to see what had changed.

For those of you who haven't heard of Gorgie City Farm, it's a free-entry farm (although donations are very welcome) which is run as a real working farm! If you haven't been, don't expect acres upon acres of farmlands but it is a little piece of the countryside right in the heart of Edinburgh. As my parents live in Fife, spotting lambs during spring isn't a rare sight but it was still quite a treat to sit on the bench nearby and watch them interact with their parents.

I must admit, I was most looking forward to seeing their resident pigs - as I have a real soft spot for pigs! Unfortunately, there were no piglets when we visited but I live in hope that one day there will be.

Last but not least, meet Peanut the cow, he's a boy calf. His sister Popcorn was also in the same field and she had similar colours to him but slightly different markings. They were both born last summer on a farm near Dollar and are a breed called Sim-Luing which originally came from the island of Luing in Argyll!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my few snaps from Gorgie City Farm and if you're looking for a fun way to spend your afternoon I'd recommend stopping by the farm!

Till next time!

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