A Sunny Day Spent in North Berwick!

North Berwick, UK

After what feels like a year of winter, we finally had a day warm enough to head to the beach! My friend Ashleigh and I were determined we would make the very most of the sunny weather, so we hopped on a train to North Berwick. Despite being rather suspicious of the sunny weather (as it can often still be rather chilly) the weather was surprisingly warm.

The train journey takes roughly 30 mins from Edinburgh Waverley and it's an extremely pleasant journey. We had both packed a pack lunch and before we knew it we were pulling into North Berwick's station. For those of you who haven't been to North Berwick, it's only a short walk to the high street and beach from their the train station.

As weren't sure whether the blue skies would remain for the whole day, we quickly made our way down to Milsey Bay beach - which overlooks the Bass Rock. We noticed a crowd gathered down by the harbour and decided to spend a take a little detour and explore. Turned out the crowds were mainly congregated around the ever popular Lobster Shack! We also spotted really cute beach huts which were operating as tiny shops.

I had forgotten how incredibly relaxing it is to walk barefoot along a beach. As we walked, we soon noticed pieces of beach glass strewn across the beach and became caught up in finding the prettiest pieces. Once we were satisfied with our collection we picked a quiet, sunny spot and sat down to soak up the sun. If you're reading this from a warm and sunny climate, you may not realise what an absolute delight and treat this was!

After a while, we decided to head for a cuppa at one of my favourite cafes, Steampunk Coffee! I always make an effort to visit whenever I'm in North Berwick. We both opted for a chocolate chip cookie and I went for a hot apple and Ashliegh had a coffee. Since everyone was soaking up the sun outside in their outdoor seating area, it was quiet and peaceful inside.

Before we returned to Edinburgh, we decided to walk along North Berwick's other beach - West Bay. By this point it was getting a little chilly but the views were still incredibly beautiful.

That's all for now, I just going to put it out there that I'm hoping for more sunny!
Bye x

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